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Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. See how one of Bal’s clients resolved her pain and saved herself from having invasive surgery…


Bal is wonderful – she listens to what you want and puts you on track to what you need. I have lost the weight and the most important part of the therapy is that I am completely focused on keeping it off.

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My biggest problem was lack of exercise finding the time but also the inclination. I now use my Wii fit board most days for between 30 and 50 minutes a time and I have actually enjoyed it – which I didn’t before.

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I am so pleased to say since the session I have not had those flashback’s, this is something I would highly recommend to everyone to try out. Its all about regaining conciousness and allowing to believe you can be healed through the power of hypnotherapy.

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Have had one session for carpal tunnel and it was fantastic! … No way now would I put myself through surgery again – it would just be Hypnotherapy as it worked instantly.

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Bal made me feel at ease from the moment I met her she was very warm & welcoming so it was easy to open up to her. I’m still undergoing therapy but since starting the sessions have felt so much better about myself.

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If you want a relaxing, positive and reaffirming experience then Bal is the person to provide this! Her sensitive and calming approach enables you to put down your defences and allow the subconscious mind to take on board the positivity!

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But the changes that I did make must have helped, after four weeks my clothes began to become loose and I generally felt better in my self. There was a significant change in inches lost. Now four months on, people are noticing and I am buying new clothes!

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