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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods of helping you to become a non-smoker and at Heart of England Hypnotherapy, I can help you to quit now! Are you ready?

In a single session I can help you take back your control, change your habits, eliminate cravings and positively modify your behaviour so you’ll never want to touch a cigarette again. Also, by using my specialist expertise you can rest assured that the myths commonly associated with becoming a non-smoker won’t bother you either; no weight gain, no mood swings, just a feeling of self achievement.

After the effortless 90 minute session you’ll be delighted with the results and have wished you had called me sooner.

Live the rest of your life as a non-smoker
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Extra confidence

At the end of your session you’ll also receive a FREE, professionally recorded hypnotic CD and be encouraged to listen it. The CD will help to reinforce the positive changes you’ve made, accustom you to your life as a non-smoker and be available to you whenever you need it.

Extra, extra confidence

If you feel as if you need a boost within 30 days for your initial session, contact me to arrange a free top up session. The chances are you won’t need it!

Did you know just how huge the cost of smoking is to your health as well as financially? A 20-a-day habit will cost you £1,825.00 in just cigarettes alone. Research suggests that the real cost per year is much higher. Find out more →

The benefits to you and your loved ones are huge and for only £250, we can help you to become a non-smoker today, quickly and safely. You just need to decide that you’re ready and contact us…

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