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Manage your stress with hypnotherapy

Benefit from my experience in helping people like you to resolve and manage all kinds of stress. At Heart of England Hypnotherapy I provide quick, safe and effective techniques that can be felt immediately and last long into the future. By using a multifaceted approach I can not only help you today by overcoming any negative feelings that you may be experiencing, but by also resolving traumatic and stressful experiences of the past and modifying how you react to new stresses in the future, I can help you to feel emotionally stronger and able to handle whatever comes your way.

Did you know… It’s estimated that 80% of all patients in doctors waiting rooms are there because of the effects of stress.

Stress is a completely individual thing. Not everyone reacts to the same experiences however everyone tends to experience stress at some time. Because of this, during your consultation, together we’ll create your own unique plan for the way forward and chat about the techniques that may benefit you the best.

FREE ‘Manage Stress with Hypnotherapy’ C.D.

To accelerate your results you’ll also receive a free, professionally recorded hypnotic CD. By listening to it regularly and practising the techniques, you’ll be able to take back control, feel more relaxed and enjoy the beneficial changes you’ve made. Even after the successful conclusion of your sessions, this CD, together with a little practice, can continue the good work and help you to feel strong and relaxed long into the future.

Typically 4 sessions are needed however this is just a guide. Most people notice a difference after a single session but to create lasting change, more sessions may be recommended.

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It’s not what happens, but how you perceive what happens that makes the difference.”