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All about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP was originally developed by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder in the 1970’s to discover how people became effective at what they do. What they were really interested in finding out was how some people became great at what they did while others were just average. What was the difference that made the difference?

To do this Bandler and Grinder spent time with some of the most effective therapists of the day gathering as much information about how these successful people did what they did. In a process called modelling, Bandler and Grinder not only noted all the physical things they saw, (posture, breathing rate etc.) they also paid great interest to language, beliefs, thinking processes….everything. From these observations Bandler and Grinder produced a series of techniques that form various strategies to change behaviour.

“Neuro” refers to the way the brain works…
“Linguistic” refers to communication both verbal and non verbal…
“Programming” refers to how these communications are recognised and understood by the mind.

As an example, imagine that there is something you want to be able to do (lose weight) but you find it difficult to achieve. You know it’s possible because there are others (slim people) doing what you want to do. By modelling their behaviour you can identify exactly what they do to succeed. As soon as you implement what they do into your behaviour you can achieve similar results.

This may be a simplistic analogy however this is just what Paul McKenna has done in developing his weight loss system. He modeled naturally thin people and found they do things very differently from overweight people. Bal’s weight loss courses use a similar approach and is more effective than any diet.

In using NLP to develop greater success, health and happiness in all areas of your life, you are only limited by your imagination. NLP has given rise to a trail of techniques that are used internationally in fields such as sports, business, sales and education. NLP techniques are everywhere now and helping people achieve all that they need and want.

I often use NLP together with hypnotherapy to accelerate results but it depends on the individual and situation. Please get in touch and let me explain how you can benefit from using it for yourself.